Become a Perfectlife / Perfectaire Agent!

Did you know that studies show that uban dwellers spend p to 90% of thier time indoors? Now you can capitalise and make a difference to peoples lives in becoming a Perfect Life Agent. Our PerfectAire system removes up to 99% of bacteria and fungi, leaving indoor air breathable, pure and fresh. Make a difference, earn commision and change peoples lives. 

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About Becoming an Agent  & Selling the Our Products:

In order to sell the product through your independent marketing efforts, we have three tiers available, namely Dealer, Reseller and Agent. The Dealer tier is where your profit is optimal, but the Reseller tier also offers good incentive. The Agent tier is one we have only recently introduced, and makes allowance for those who want to do something on the sideline for a little extra cash. All agents, resellers and dealers have to purchase a unit and a selection of solutions from us which then becomes your demo kit – and these are invoiced at full retail price to ensure that “the man on the street” is not buying directly from us and posing as a possible reseller. Thereafter all orders will be invoiced according to the relevant tier that you operate on. As a dealer or reseller we suggest you have stock at your disposal in order to fill your clients orders promptly. All orders will be dispatched by Perfectaire SA JHB after monies have been received in full. In all instances, courier charges are for your account. Please be advised that the quantities below for each tier will be revised by 30 April 2011, and increased, due to that fact that all current sales staff are exceeding the targets initially given.

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