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Blue Leaf Air Purifier is an elegant addition to you home, office, school, resturant or pretty much any indoor area you can think of! Providing fresh purified air and a bacteria free enviroment.This system is no 1 in S.A. and proven to remove allergens and harmful bacteria and viruses.Water and our solution keep you healthy, happy naturally, protecting you from air borne diseases.Latest aromatherapy technology.Using the unique inherent purification properties of water and the natural anti-bacterial essence the Blue Leaf Air Purifier removes 99% of airborne fungi, bacteria and germs.Portable and durable.Using our oasis solution you benefit by a soothing blend that promotes a feeling of tranquility and peace.

Specs Include:

  • Rated Power: 13W
  • Height: 195mm
  • Diameter: 230mm
  • Weight: 1.3kg
  • Coverage Area: Up to 50sq Meter


Perfect For Home, Perfect For You, Just PerfectAire Purifiers.