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Perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms, lounge, study or parlors, the Blue Starfish Air Purifier design blends in beautifully!Use the Blue Starfish with our Sakura essence for it anti-oxidant properties and awaken your senses, feel revived, uplifted and brand new! Keeping the air pure and protecting you from harmfull impurities.Easy to use and great for kiddies rooms and beach homes.The starfish air purifier from perfectaire comes in 4 colors ;pink,green,orange and blue and childs dream to fall asleep to the pure fresh air it eminates.Used with our solutions there are a miriad of benefits to the human body,revitalizing and energising improving health anywhere all the time.

Specs Include:

Rated Power: 13W
Height: 195mm
Diameter: 250mm
Coverage Area: Up to 75sq Meter

Perfect Spirit, Perfect Health, Perfect Life!