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Take home the uTimber Mahogany Air Purifier and enjoy Perfect, Clean, Freash and Healthy Air!Be sure to use our Oasis essence along with the uTimber Air Purifier to brighten up, refresh and revive your home, office, school or any indoor area you like!Summary of Benefits: Immunity enhancement; Lung vitality enhancement; Improvement of respiratory functions; Reduction of nasal allergic conditions and breathing problems; Insect repellent; Elimination of disease transferral in the home or office environment; Quicker recovery from illness as you do not re-breathe your own germs; Stabilization of hormonal levels; Cellular vitality; Improvement of memory and mental alertness; Induction of calmness and a state of relaxation; Relief of headaches; General sense of well-being and positive mood management.

Perfect Mind, Perfect Body, Just PerfectAire Purifiers.