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An air purifier is a device which removes impurities and germs from the air. These devices are commonly marketed as being beneficial to offices without windows and recycled air,asthma sufferers and people allergic to airborne viruses and bacteria, aid in reducing and eliminating Pollen,Dust,Animmal dander,mold, spore dust mite, exhaust fumes, paint fumes, adhesive fumes,smoke & more.With improved health as our main driving force,we combine our patented Microbe siolution in the hydrofiltration tank and this scrubbing action purifies each air particle before being  released from the machines to inhael - with botanical extract to provide every disire you  have to stimulate the human body beyond.Each solution has an exclusive benefit, with 26 unique aeromatizing fragrant solutions, you change your life.

Choose to improve your breathing space now.Put a plan in place now to clean you home and office.Remove toxic fumes,and mal odors.

We have had numerous client complimenting the efficasy of our range,improving staff attendance increasing viatality and concentration.

 Tests have been done with Large SA corporates to prove these system's are a benefit in every home or businiess enviroment. Clients form Gauteng and Pretoria using Air purifiers are regularly refering new clients to us, and buying the solutions to keep their environment pure clean and fresh.

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