Mangosteen and Multiple Sclerosis - 2016-03-02

Multiple sclerosis is the leading cause f neurlgical disability in yung adults. It usually strikes between 20 and 50 years f age with a peak f age 30, and wmen are afflicted twice as ften as men. Curiusly, the disease becmes less cmmn the clser yu get t the equatr and this fact hints at a pssible envirnmental factr in its causatin. Yet nne has been... more

Mangosteen and Fibromyalgia - 2016-03-02

Fibromyalgia is a condition characterized by musculoskeletal pain which is widespread (meaning pain on both sides of the body above and below the waist), and chronic (lasting months or years). The pain is accompanied by fatigue (with or without disturbed sleep), and tender points in the muscles, as I will describe later. However, the true impact... more

Mangosteen and Cancer - 2016-03-02

The most important thing to understand is that there is no reliable cure for cancer. Despite decades of research, in 2003 the same percentage of people died from colon, breast, lung and prostrate cancer as died in 1957. However, despite this sad news, this is hope for cancer patients. Cancer is a blanket term covering a variety of disorders with... more

Mangosteen Testimonials - 2016-03-02

Pulmonary Fibrosis - Rheumatoid Arthritis This is my story and I would like to condense it but there is too much to tell, so please, bear with me. I'm 65 years old and I have been ill for 35 years. I have four (4) chronic diseases: Starting with Rheumatoid Arthritis that sat upon me when I was 30. It was misdiagnosed for more than a ... more

Potential Benefits of Mangosteen - 2016-03-02

The full list of potential benefits you can experience when drinking Mangosteen Juice is long. Scientific research on the mangosteen fruit by a number of experts indicates that it can have over 200 positive effects. We offer here a partial list of topics that describe some of the potential benefits of drinking Mangosteen Juice. Anti-Bacterial ... more

Psoriasis - 2016-03-02

Psoriasis is a chronic, autoimmune disease that appears on the skin. It occurs when the immune system sends out faulty signals that speed up the growth cycle of skin cells. Psoriasis is not contagious. There are five types of psoriasis. The most common form, plaque psoriasis, appears as raised, red patches covered with a silvery white buildup of... more

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis - 2016-03-01

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis is one iteration of autoimmune thyroid disease. An autoimmune disease occurs when your body’s immune system gets out of control and starts redirecting your antibodies to attack your organs, cells or even tissues. In the case of Hashimoto’s, this autoimmune disease manages to attack and destroy your thyroid gl... more

Ankylosing spondylitis - 2016-03-01

Ankylosing spondylitis is a form of chronic inflammation of the spine and the sacroiliac joints. The sacroiliac joints are located in the low back where the sacrum (the bone directly above the tailbone) meets the iliac bones (bones on either side of the upper buttocks). Chronic inflammation in these areas causes pain and stiffness in and around the... more

Lupus - 2016-03-01

Lupus affects 5 million people worldwide, according to the Lupus Foundation of America. Every year, over 16,000 new cases of lupus are reported across the world. While the causes of lupus are still not fully understood, it is known that lupus is an autoimmune disease that damages various parts of your body. There are many reports that mangosteen ju... more

Fibromyalgia - 2016-03-01

The term fibromyalgia comes from the Latin word fibra (fiber) and the Greek words mya (muscle) and algas (pain) and Fibromyalgia refers to a condition involving chronic pain in muscle fibers. Fibromyalgia is a controversial condition. According to Chanchal Cabrera, author of the book Fibromyalgia: A Journey Towards Healing, some doctors deny its... more

Autoimmune Diseases - 2016-03-01

There has been plenty of research correlating diseases such as ankylosing spondylitis, lupus, inflammatory bowel disease, and Behcet's syndrome (an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation of the blood vessels often causing blindness), and multiple sclerosis research suggests that increased intestinal permeability is closely involved in the ... more

Mangosteen - 2016-03-01

Mangosteen The mangosteen fruit grows in sub-tropical climates in Southeast Asia.  It contains Xanthones, the highest concentration of anti-oxidants found in nature. Local folklore has used its medical benefits for thousands of years, but no one knew how to preserve the nutritional benefits and market the total fruit commercially. It took A... more