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Perfectaire Egg Air Purifier; enjoy a Healthier, Cleaner, Fresher lifestyle while you work! Removing all impurities and ionizing to boost the immune system, improve blood flow and vitalize your being.Natural extarct to fragrantize your space whilst keeping it germ free,sinus -and much more. Keep your body happy with pure air.Used in offices and homes to "lift you up" increase energy and general well being.With huge coverage area it is ideal for any large or busy or semi open-plan environment. 

Specs Include:

  • Rated Power: 40W
  • Water Tank Volume: 0.75L
  • Height: 325mm
  • Diameter: 210mm
  • Weight: 2.3kg
  • Coverage Area: Up to 80sq Meter


Perfect For Kitchens, Perfect For Resturants, Just PerfectAire Purifiers.