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White, the color of purity, uDew White Air Purifier perfect addition to the uDew Range!Use the White uDew Air Purifier with our Green Tea Aroma for body rejuvenation through a soothing earthy scent or use it along with our Relaxing Aroma to calm anxiety and relieve stress and tension.Cleanses up to 80 m2.and revitalizes air in minutes.see our utube clip!.Used in hospitals, clinics and office use in your home now. 1LED light.

Our SABS tested solution with natural botanical extracts.

Killls 99% of bacteria and viruses

Eliminates most odors within 120 minutes

100% Safe to Humans & Animals

Covers 60 -80m2 effectively

Function noise is minimal.

Easy to clean, low maintenance, easy to clean.

Operation of unit is simple, safe and user friendly.

Air purifying concentrates are available.

Electricity consumption is low, 16 watts

 The centrifugal forces of the machine suck in air particles, cleans each particle in the tank adds moisture (hydrogen)to the air particle, humidifying, sanitizing, deodorizing making it easier to breath.

Specs Include:

  • Rated Power: 14W
  • Water Tank Volume: 0.75L
  • Weight: 0.8kg
  • Coverage Area: Up to 80-100sq Meter
  • 1 LED light


Perfect For Your World, Perfect For You, Just PerfectAire Purifiers.