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Asthma sufferers all over have complimented our ranges of air purifiers (with built in humidifer)  to reduce the effects of dry air and impurities we breathe in.

 Our bliss and bliss full ranges  cover 60m2 and clean every air particle washing them with the advanced hydro filtration technolgy (water) cleansing each particle and relase them with an added aromatherapy benefit whilst breathing,healing.

The bliss is available in 8 colors and purifies safely and efficiently

 The blissful has a blue led light and an ionizer which boosts the immune system,whilst purifiying the air particles it sucks into the hydro fitration system.

The middle color humdifies and has 3 adjsutable speeds for the moisture (hydrogen particles ) to be released into the room or office ,moisturising each air particle,making breathing a pleasure.